Past Symposiums

Fall 2019 Symposium: Collaborating for Advanced Manufacturing and Supply Chain Success

Spring 2019 Symposium: Manufacturing & Supply Chain Talent Transformation: People or Robots?

Fall 2018: Advancing Innovation & Navigating Global Trends

Global Trends in Manufacturing – David Libatique, Deputy Executive Director, Port of Los Angeles

Critical Importance of Innovation – Lisa Anderson, President LMA Consulting and APICS – Inland Empire Chapter

Spring 2018: Managing Rapid Growth When Manufacturing and Supply Chain are Hot!

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Fall 2017: Leveraging Technologies for Supply Chain Success

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Spring 2017: Disruptive Innovations in Logistics

Fall 2016: Navigating the Global Supply Chain

Spring 2016: Stay On Top of Emerging Supply Chain Trends, Sty Relevant, Remain Competitive & Plan Proactively

Fall 2015: Growth: The Good the Bad and the Ugly for Manufacturing and Logistics

Spring 2015: Innovation: A Must for Manufacturing and Distribution Success