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Posted 9/7/2023

Director of Sales – Kogeo

Location: Riverside, CA


Join The Journey:

KOGEO is a new yet rapidly growing 3PL in Southern California with nation-wide prospects! We offer cross-docking, storage, distribution, and fulfillment for B2B and B2C companies. Our current warehouses are in the Inland Empire.
Our team members have been with us since day one because they believe that KOGEO will be synonymous to Amazon and other big names in our industry sooner than later. We’re dedicated to providing our clients with not only great customer service, but to being the only 3PL handling their products. All we’re missing is the Einstein of Sales AKA Director of Sales, to expand our portfolio and train the first generation of KOGEO Sales Representatives.
The clients you will secure with your hard work and determination deal with: Spirits/Alcohol, Food, Essential Items (think recession proof!) and cross-dock.

More about the Role and Persona KOGEO needs:

You will be the pencil giver, not the pencil borrower! Meaning, you should have a book of business ready to be called upon on your first day and many days after. Our Director of Sales will have ages upon ages of experience in the 3PL industry as a sales professional and a proven track record of closing sales. When you’re in Miami for a conference it’s critical to be able to understand and conversate with other industry veterans in your own words, not ChatGPT words. Understanding our services and how, when and who to pitch them to is crucial. Under your reign, our warehouses will be filled with products all year long! Our current portfolio is made up of 50% nonessential items and with your leadership, that will change to less than 20%. Your book of business should include contacts from either the Spirits, Food, Alcohol, or Essential Items (ex: PPE) sectors and will be ever growing. Cross-dock accounts will also be targeted as this ensures products flow through our warehouse 24/7. Success will come from strategic planning, market research, cold calling, excellent time management and savvy use of social media.
Over the course of time, you will hire, train, mentor, and nurture Sales Representatives, thus launching the Sales Department. Your triumphs will set the pace and guide those under you. Training others takes time, patience, and respect. Your team members should always feel welcome and as if they are all working together to achieve one goal, not competing against one another. We want every person joining KOGEO to feel as if their career has no ceiling and every idea has merit. The Sales Department will foster creativity and innovation that will aid in taking KOGEO nationwide. No matter how great your team is doing however, you will remain proactive in your role as Director of Sales.


• Over 5 years of experience as a sales professional in a managerial role
• Over 5 years of experience in the 3PL industry
• Extensive knowledge about warehousing, e-commerce, cross-docking, or other 3PL related functions
• Comfortable working in an emerging business environment
• Book of business in one of the following industries: spirits, alcohol, food, or essential items
• Previous experience in leadership role, especially regarding training and mentoring sales representatives

Pay and Benefits:

While the role and expectations may sound vigorous, one of our priorities as an employer is to ensure a work life balance! We understand life happens and will always work with you to find a solution to any unforeseen circumstances or significant moments. We offer PTO, health, vision, dental, and 401k. Your schedule is Monday – Friday from 8:30 – 5:00PM and you’ll be stationed in our new Riverside location. Salary ranges from $95,000 – $105,000 with a $20,000 bonus if all sales goals are met for the year.

Pay Range: $95,000 – $105,000


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