APICS Webinar-Creating Resiliency in 2021: Pac Rim/North America Perspectives

Article by , March 11, 2021

Emerging with Supply Chain Strength Webinar

Creating Resiliency in 2021:
Pac Rim/North America Perspectives

Thursday, March 18th @ 3pm PT

Resiliency has emerged as a cornerstone to emerging successfully from the pandemic and essential to post-COVID success.

As executives re-evaluate supply chain collaborations and partnerships, they will be thinking about supply chain strategy and partnerships. We have assembled expert manufacturing and supply chain thought leaders from around the globe to discuss and debate these topics.

With our 140 years of consulting experience supplementing over 190 years of management experience in Manufacturing, Logistics, Supply Chain, Technology, Sustainability, and more, our global thought leaders will explore whether the processes of reshoring and nearshoring could add value to your business and enhance your customer experience, create further disruption, and cost, or result in other challenges and opportunities and which supply chain relationships will be key in this ongoing reconfiguration.

The Pac Rim / North America Panel

Lisa Anderson, Moderator
Claremont, CA
David Ogilvie, Pac Rim
Brisbane, Australia
Evan Bulmer, Pac Rim
Grange SA, Australia
Diane Garcia
Portland, Oregon


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