Calling all our local Manufacturers & Distributors to help us fight against COVID 19

Article by , March 25, 2020

Special COVID 19 Request to our Manufacturers and Distributors

As the corona virus continues to spread rapidly, health care workers are facing a shortage of medical supplies. We are calling on all our local Manufacturers and Distribution colleagues to please join us in the fight against COVID 19.

How can you help?

Do you have spare capacity? Can you retool? Can you re-purpose your 3D printers to make masks to help our first line responders? Can you help with food distribution to our food banks and/or our elderly? If you are able to help, and willing to be contacted by San Bernardino County and share your potential capabilities and availability, please forward the following information to:

Curtis Compton,

Information required: Contact name, Title, Email address, Phone number, Cell phone, Company name, Web address, Business type, NAICS, Street address, City, Zip, LWIA, Duns Number, Contact (provided by the MCIE).

We thank Manufacturers’ Council of the Inland Empire for providing us the above information and opportunity to help!

These are unprecedented times with unprecedented needs,so we ask you to please think “outside the box” and see what you can do to help.

If you need further assistance with how/when/where please refer to our “Trusted Advisors” list. We have local trusted bankers, CPAs, Lawyers, Technology experts, and experienced professionals who can help you play a vital and critical role in this hour of national need.

We thank you for your continued support!

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