Global Dynamics Webinar Series

This webinar series, “Global Dynamics: Navigating Supply Chain Shifts” discusses the latest hot topics in manufacturing and supply chain. These webinars are free for our members, panelists, sponsors and business partners. See our webinar archives – Navigating Through Volatility, Emerging with Supply Chain Strength.

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Recorded February 6, 2024

Global Dynamics Webinar
John Tulac: The Changing Global Landscape

International affairs affect every supply chain no matter where your company does business.
Join us for this intriguing webinar featuring renowned International Business Attorney John Tulac as he talks with Lisa Anderson about the world events that are shaping our supply chains. From the Russia-Ukraine conflict to Middle East tension and the volatile situations in North Korea, China and Taiwan, this insightful conversation will shed light on the interconnectedness of global events and supply chain management.As part of our Emerging with Supply Chain Strength webinar series, we are addressing a key topic for the supply chain – what’s going on in China and Mexico. John Tulac, an international business attorney and expert in China and Mexico will be talking about what is going on internationally and specifically with China and Mexico. He’ll talk about the current trade situation, which countries to avoid or pursue for supply, what he expects in the next few years related to global trade and how its impacting the supply chain.

About the Speaker:

John W. Tulac is an international and general business and corporate attorney in private practice since 1977. He is recognized in the Bar Register of Preeminent Attorneys as an expert in the field of international business law and is annually listed as a leading lawyer in Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire.

Mr. Tulac is active in all areas of international law, including the importing and exporting of goods, agency and distribution agreements, licensing, joint ventures and infrastructure projects. He is extensively involved in oil & gas, electric power generation, sustainable agriculture, and all aspects of business with China. He trains Chinese judges and regulators semi-annually on topics relating to international law and U.S. law. He is also regularly active in Mexico. Mr. Tulac is also an adjunct professor emeritus (retired) of international business law at Cal Poly Pomona.