Special Report for Thriving in 2022: Learning From Supply Chain Chaos

Article by , March 1, 2022

Thriving in 2022
Learning from Supply Chain Chaos

Special Report from our President, Lisa Anderson

Since 2021 was certainly a year of volatility and supply chain disruption, when I started thinking about publishing a predictions report for 2022, I thought it would be most valuable to focus on what we learned from the supply chain chaos in 2021 and how we should take control and proactively position our businesses as well as our manufacturing operations, extended supply chains and related technologies to thrive in 2022.

As we have been emerging from the pandemic, I see that businesses have more opportunity to pull substantially ahead of the competition than any other time since the period following the Great Depression. The strong will get stronger! Are you thinking four moves ahead? If so, you’ll THRIVE in 2022. Download our special report to gain 22 insights from trusted advisors to kick-start your thinking.

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