Supply Chain in the EU & Changes with Brexit Webinar with Patrick Daly – December 6th at 8am Pacific

Article by , November 19, 2021

Emerging with Supply Chain Strength Webinar

Supply Chain in the EU & Changes with Brexit
with Patrick Daly

Monday, December 6th @ 8am Pacific

Supply chain disruptions have circled the globe. In this webinar, we will dive deeper into what’s going on in supply chain in Europe, how Brexit has impacted the supply chain, what trends we should pay attention to in Europe (and how it will affect the rest of the world) and strategies for success post-COVID. Our speaker is an expert in logistics, automation and healthcare/ pharmaceutical manufacturing industries and so we’ll gain insights into these topics as well.

About the Speaker

Patrick Daly is the founder and Managing Director of Alba Consulting, a business consultancy focused on international supply chain, logistics, and operations based in Dublin, Ireland. Patrick is an accomplished consultant, speaker, trainer, author and broadcaster and has been active in the logistics sector for over 25 years. He works with many top Fortune 500 companies in manufacturing, distribution, and logistics services in Europe, Asia. and the Americas, helping them achieve dramatic improvements in their supply chain capabilities and performance through supply chain excellence. Patrick has worked with clients all over the world including China, India, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Egypt, UAE, United States, UK, Spain, Croatia, and others.

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