The next disruption in manufacturing & supply chain is in front of us!

Article by , March 22, 2019

Calling all students, manufacturing and supply chain professionals and business leaders!


Business leaders: Is your workforce skilled to focus on innovation?

Students: Are you pursuing the right path in education?

Manufacturing & Supply Chain Professionals: What are you doing to ensure you keep your skill set polished to meet the next disruption?

We all know that manufacturing jobs are now technology-driven. Business leaders are being forced to compete on product design, innovation, productivity, flexibility, quality and supply chains need to be responsiveness to customer needs. What are you doing to ensure you and your business stands out in the crowd?

Join us Saturday April 13, 2019

and learn what each of us must do to remain competitive!

Where: Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA


Registration includes breakfast!

Students with proper ID are always free at our events!


Parking Permits will be provided to registrants only!

Check out our Panelists and Register Here


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